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Pendant made of shungite stone.

For many centuries, local residents have been using shungite and water from the spring for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Laboratory studies carried out on modern equipment have already confirmed the healing properties of shungite. As it turned out not so long ago (in the 90s of the last century), the shungite mineral contains fullerenes. This discovery belongs to a group of American-British scientists who received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for it in 1985. Their names are: Robert Curl, Harold Kroto and Richard Smalley. Many leading world scientific centers in the course of their own research have confirmed the connection between the unique healing properties of the shungite mineral and the presence of fullerenes in its composition.

Fullerenes are more of a universal broad-acting agent that does not hit a specific disease pointwise and does not act locally, but affects the entire system of a living organism at the cellular level at once. By the nature of the effect, the fullerenes contained in shungite are similar to immunomodulators and adaptogens of a wide spectrum of actio

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